Ecophile Audio

Welcome to Ecophile Audio, where “art meets sound.” We have a speaker to fit the needs of many music lovers. Some are full range speakers with no crossovers, for the true audiophiles, and others are multi-speaker monitors fro studios and louder listening, one thing in common is they all sound awesome. Choosing the right speaker depends on the listening environment in which it will be placed. Ecophile Audio offers many sizes to fill your room with beautiful sound while looking great. All of our speakers are built out of Bamboo plywood. The speakers will enhance the décor of any room that they are in and will become a conversation piece by those that see them. Each loudspeaker is truly one of a kind, as unique as the tree / plant from which they were built.

About Us

We are an American company that makes high quality speakers. Currently we are in a 4000 sq ft facility in Melbourne, Florida. We thought it would be great to make audiophile quality Bamboo loudspeakers that everyone can enjoy; you will be amazed at what you have been missing in your music. With a background of building high end cabinetry and built- ins it was a natural choice for us to build the same quality cabinetry just in a smaller scale to house the speakers. With extensive research we have combined some of the best speakers with the most beautiful woods to create very dynamic stereo speakers. Ecophile Audio is very proud to offer you an “environmentally sound” product.


The speakers that we have chosen are of the highest quality. Our speaker cabinets are built using solid bamboo plywood for the body of the speaker not just for it’s beauty but also for its acoustics. Each speaker has been designed to maximize the range of the driver.
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Our Guarantee

We understand that you can only go by what we say or others that have listened to them. Since we do not have showrooms for you to experience our products, we offer a 45 day in home money back guarantee.