Bookshelf Speaker v2

This is a true audiophile quality speaker. It is a 6 ½" full range speaker in a bass reflex cabinet. This design keeps a flatter response across the freq range. If you like to listen to Jazz, Blues, Vocal and Instrumental then you will absolutely love these. The transparency and imaging is nothing short of amazing. The sound is full and clear with excellent clarity in the high end. When you are in the sweet spot you can visualize the band right in front of you as if you were there. These speakers will have you listening mesmerized for hours. They are finished with a Tung oil finish to bring out the beauty of the Bamboo. Read the specs for more detail. (Item pictured is Coconut Palm)
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Wood Choices


Speaker: 6 ½" full range speaker
Freq 53 – 22 kHz
22 w rms
65 w max
Imp 8 ohm
Spl 94 db/w (m) Tube amp friendly

Size 8½"w x 9"d x 18"h
All solid ¾" Caramelized Bamboo plywood with Coconut palm face
Bass reflex
5 way binding post
Port tuned to approx 50 Hz
Tung oil finish